Milan in Black & White

This post takes me back to a hot Summer weekend in July. My husband and I took an early Saturday flight to the city of Milan and spent the following two days roaming around the beautiful Italian city.

Without a doubt, one of the main highlights of the city is the magnificent Duomo, standing tall right in the city centre. The beauty of its architecture can be further admired by walking up the spiral staircase (or for the lazy ones taking the lift) to the rooftop. From here, you get a bird’s eye view of the whole city. The inside of the Duomo is just as impressive as its outside architecture.


Another splendid building is the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. It is situated right next to the Duomo and houses various retail outlets, cafés and restaurants. During the day, it is always bustling with people, either shopping or admiring its impressive architecture.


While roaming Milan, you can notice sites with ruins of the ancient city. As any other Italian city, you will also come across various churches .


When in Milan, you cannot miss a stroll along the Naviglio Grande. Restaurants and cafés line up the canal on both sides, which make it an ideal spot for a lovely lunch or dinner, especially on fine sunny days. We were there on Sunday morning, when a weekly antiques market takes place.


While out and about, we came across lots of graffiti. This one in particular stuck out. That’s one way to promote a gym! 🙂



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